GloCoBank UNIQ+ interns 2023: international banking connections and international commerce 1870-1980

In the Summer of 2023, we welcomed two interns, Hafiza and Asif,  who spent seven weeks with the GloCoBank project as part of the University's UNIQ+ programme, designed to provide students from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to experience postgraduate study at Oxford. Find out more on the UNIQ+ website.

The interns worked on projects related to international banking connections and international commerce 1870-1980. Projects were developed to build on their individual skills and interests and to provide opportunities to use primary documentary sources and to compile and analyse new data sets derived from historical sources: 1) using data drawn from The Bankers’ Almanac to analyse the geographic distribution of countries with correspondent banking connections to London between 1901 and 1913, 2) writing a case study of Edward Holden’s role in the expansion of Midland Bank’s correspondent banking network between 1891-1920 using records from the HSBC Archive.

Read their reports below.