CONFERENCE: 2024 Business History Conference (BHC)

GloCoBank Research Associate for European Networks, Jamieson Myles will be giving a paper at the BHC 2024 meeting, 14-16 March 2024, in Providence, Rhode Island:

Elastic Infrastructure: Payments and Credit in Twentieth Century Global Correspondent Banking

The growing involvement of fintech firms in the international payment system (IPS) has brought attention to the oligopolistic group of global correspondent banks providing this public-interest infrastructure. However, the limited historical studies of correspondent bank networks (composed of bilateral nostro/vostro accounts held by banks) means little is known about the relationship between correspondent banks and the IPS or how it has changed over time. This paper asks what the daily practice of correspondent banking reveals about the changing shape of interbank networks and their role in the IPS.


Friday 15th March - Concurrent Sessions 3, 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session f: Financial Networks of Globalization and Deglobalization
Ocean State Suite C (fl. 2)

Discussant: Aldo Musacchio, Brandeis University

Nicholas Wong, Northumbria university , and Emily Buchnea, Northumbria university
"Examining network-enabled responses to deglobalisation " 
Jamieson Gordon Myles, University of Oxford
"Elastic Infrastructure: Payments and Credit in Twentieth Century Global Correspondent Banking" 
Hadar Hoter-ishay, University of Vienna
"Sovereign Debt and International Trade through the Mexican ‘Era of Chaos,’ 1827-1861" 


BHC 2024 Programme