CONFERENCE: EHS Annual Conference 2023

GloCoBank researcher, Marco Molteni will be co-presenting his latest research on correspondent banking during the 1907 crisis, along with GloCoBank Associated Researchers Wilfried Kisling and Sebastian Alvarez, at The Economic History Society (EHS) Annual Conference in Warwick, 31 March-2 April 2023. 

The conference also features further papers by Marco Molteni, Sebastian Alvarez and GloCoBank PI Catherine Schenk.  See details of relevant panels below.

For full conference information and programme, visit the EHS website.


ASIVC:  International Banks
(chair: Charles Read) (Ramphal 1.04)

Foreign banks and the European capital market during the first globalization
Wilfried Kisling (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) & Marco Molteni (University of Oxford)

International banks and London connections during the 1907 crisis: An empirical analysis
Marco Molteni (University of Oxford), Wilfried Kisling (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) & Sebastián Alvarez (Graduate Institute Geneva)

Juggling between economic and politic crises: The Argentine banking system in the interwar period, 1926-34
Gianandrea Nodari (University of Geneva) & Sebastián Alvarez (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez)


ASIIIC:   Challenges and New Directions in Teaching Economic and Social History*
(chair: Brian Varian) (Ramphal 1.03)

Who, why, and what for? Teaching economic and social history in a time of crisis
Catherine Schenk (University of Oxford)

Economic life as cultural history
Jim Tomlinson (University of Glasgow)

Big business and management in Britain
John Wilson (Northumbria University)