PANEL: Annual Conference of the Dutch-Belgian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, 2021: Making Sense of Finance - Prof. Catherine Schenk

announcement msof 2021

Catherine Schenk will participate in a panel hosted by the Netherlands Central Bank with Paul Koster (Managing Director Dutch Investors’ Association) and Jan Barend Jansen (Former Assistant General Counsel International Monetary Fund).

Finance operates beyond borders. But international cooperation is complicated by national interests and sentiments. Globally active investors are distrusted; EU financial cooperation suffers from the ‘North-South-divide’; the IMF is accused of burdening indebted nations with Western ideas while publics in donor countries resent their taxes being used to support ‘profligate’ governments.

How can finance reconnect to different publics, including by utilizing the ‘lessons learned’ from previous crises in 1929 and 2007? 



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